The Hof will continue Richmond’s “ball rise” tradition this New Year’s Eve in Scott’s Addition

The Hof will continue Richmond’s “ball rise” tradition this New Year’s Eve in Scott’s Addition

The event will continue a tradition that began atop the Byrd Theatre in Carytown back in 2006.

A three-story event venue and German beer hall known for its multi-level parties is taking New Year’s Eve to new heights this year–literally. Located in the iconic Hofheimer Building in Scott’s Addition, The Hof will continue the tradition of a “ball rise” which first began when a lighted ball was hoisted to a 40-foot pole atop the Byrd Theatre in 2006. A take off on the traditional ball drop in New York City’s Time Square, the annual event ended in 2012 when the event drew such large crowds that it became too expensive to host. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery held a ball rise in 2013, but the ball hasn’t risen since.

The idea was the brainchild of Todd A. Schall-Vess, manager of the Byrd Theatre. “I think it’s pretty neat that the tradition will be moving from one 89-year-old building to another,” he said, referencing the fact that the Byrd Theatre and the Hofheimer Building were both built in 1928.

Bobby Kruger, the general manager of The HofGarden, says permits to erect the tower have been submitted to the city and, if approved, will rise above The Hof on New Year’s Eve.

This year’s event is ticketed and the ball rise is not part of a street festival like it was in Carytown. “We’re thrilled to have this tradition come to Scott’s Addition,” Kruger said. “If the community embraces the idea, it could grow into an outdoor event in years to come.”

The ball rise will take place on the venue’s popular rooftop bar. This year’s theme is based on Rio de Janeiro’s Rio Carnival with musical performances by DC’s Black Masala, Andrew Alli & the Mainline, and DJ Duffy. Tickets are $35 and VIP tickets are $50 each.

Learn more about the packages and purchase tickets online here.



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