Virginia Women’s Monument Groundbreaking Ceremony (First Phase) this Morning

Virginia Women’s Monument Groundbreaking Ceremony (First Phase) this Morning

Today at 10:30 AM, the ground will be broken for the Virginia Women’s Monument honoring the many contributions made the women of Virginia.

From Women’s Monument Commission:

The Virginia Women’s Monument, Voices from the Garden will acknowledge the genius and creativity of Virginia women and their presence and contributions to the Commonwealth. The monument is a metaphor for the often unrecognized voices that have been responsible for shaping our culture, country, and state for over 400 years. It is intended to be a thought-provoking and interactive experience that complements the more traditional heroic monuments on Capitol Square.

Learn More About the Virginia’s Women’s Monument and how to Help Fund It.

Voices from the Garden is the first monument of its kind in the nation recognizing the full range of women’s achievements. Voices takes the form of an oval shaped garden that encompasses twelve bronze statues of significant women from the state, surrounded by a glass panel, etched with names of other noteworthy Virginia women. The whole monument is meant to be interactive for the visitor, by walking among the statues, each a work of art, or by using a mobile app to learn more about these women’s achievements and to hear their stories, in many cases through their own words.

The monument will have twelve women depicted as bronze states from all corners of the Commonwealth, both widely-celebrated women and those lesser known. One such lesser-known woman is Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley.


Learn about all the women selected. (pdf)



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