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Buz & Neds owner denies Facebook rumors regarding line cooks, pledges to keep “No Haters” banner outside restaurant

Employees say a Facebook post alleging African American line cooks were removed from duty last week at the request of a customer of the restaurant’s West End location is completely unfounded. The restaurant has yet to provide an official statement.

Trevor Dickerson



A large banner affixed to the facade of Buz & Ned’s Real Barbecue’s West End location at W. Broad Street and Parham Road is drawing the attention of more than just passing drivers.

One customer who visited the establishment this week left a review–which has since been deleted–on Buz & Ned’s Facebook page, alleging the sign was placed after an incident in which line cooks were removed at the request of a patron who wanted “only whites” to prepare their meal:

Yesterday, we went to go eat at Buz & Ned’s on Broad & Parham. As we pulled into the parking lot, we saw this sign, and instantly all type of thoughts went through our minds. After we ate, one of the gentlemen who worked there told us why that sign was up there. Sometime last week, a party came in the restaurant to order some food. When they entered, they saw that the most of the cooks were black and requested to have only whites to cook their food. The two managers who were on duty at the time, removed all of the black cooks from out of the kitchen, and cooked the food for the complainers. The next day, they ordered this sign. My thing is, why didn’t the managers turn them away??? Was the customers right or were the managers wrong?? If they really have a “NO HATERS” atmosphere then why accommodate? That was my last time eating at their establishment!

Upon our visit to the restaurant Tuesday morning, which was not open for business at the time, the banner appeared to have been altered to remove the “no” above the word “haters” in the sign, which is surrounded by a large “no” symbol.

When calling the restaurant to request an official response to the rumor, an employee who answered informed RVAHub she would have management call back to provide an official comment later today.

UPDATE: While the restaurant didn’t return our phone call, restaurant owner Buz Grossberg told WTVR that the allegations are “hogwash” and that the sign was put up to tell “haters” such as racists and white supremacists, that they aren’t welcome at his establishment.

Still, after reporter Melissa Hipolit’s story went up, the person who claims he heard the alleged story from an employee, identified only as “Anthony,” doubled down on his comments:

After CBS 6’s story went online, reporter Melissa Hipolit was able to reach Anthony, who explained why he removed the Facebook page. He said he deleted the page because Buz and Ned’s employees got mad at him. He went on to say that an employee told him that story. He said he has witnesses and he’s happy to talk directly to Buz Grossberg about it.

A response to the social media rumors was briefly posted on, but later removed from, the official Buz & Ned’s Facebook page. A post with almost identical verbiage, posted by a Facebook user named Lorraine Lester, remains online (posted without edits to spelling or grammar):

First off I would like to address this viscous rumor going around about buz and ned’s restaurant . First and foremost I’m proud of all my guys on my line no matter the color of their skin….but thank god they are the people they are and will not react to this silly game on social media…so to whomever started this you loose (sic) because we will keep our no hate attitudes here and would hope you all do the same…much love to the people who know us and support us

Another possible employee, Sydney Marie, penned a similar post on Facebook Tuesday morning.

Both employees claim the story is completely false and say no workers were relieved from their duties at any time during their shifts. The restaurant has not yet released any comment addressing the rumor in an official capacity.

We are working to confirm the story behind the restaurant’s “no haters” banner and to learn more about the alleged incident referenced in the rumor and will update this story as it develops.

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Trevor Dickerson is the Editor and Co-Founder of RVAHub.