PHOTOS: Legend Brewing Company’s Portsmouth location opening

PHOTOS: Legend Brewing Company’s Portsmouth location opening

The Commonwealth’s oldest operating brewery expanded recently to Portsmouth. Take a look.

Back in September of last year, Legend Brewing announced plans to open a satellite brewery in Portsmouth, Virginia. Legend Brewing Depot is in the old Seaboard Coast Line building (1 High Street) along the Elizabeth River in Olde Town Portsmouth. Constructed in 1894, the building had a former life as a train station and the Portsmouth City Hall.

Officials held their ribbon cutting on July 31st and are now officially open for business. Serving up Legend beers and a more seafood-focused menu, the hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 11:30 AM until 10:00 PM; Friday and Saturday 11:30 AM to midnight; 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sunday.

Hills & Heights resident Deborah Fellman, a.k.a. the Balloon Lady of RVA Balloons, happened to be down that way creating the massive balloon beer you see above. Deborah was kind enough to send in the following pictures and observations of the opening.

The new facility has a smashing location, in the iconic Seaboard building, directly on the harbor at the ferry terminus to Waterside.  Back when I was growing up, the building used to be Portsmouth City Hall.

The ferry, by the way, is a bargain. For only four bucks, I bought an all day pass and rode around several times. (Cash only)

There’s a small boat basin directly in front of the restaurant, where boaters can tie up for short time-spans while they enjoy dinner and a brew. And a Parking Garage next door so there’s no shortage of space for vehicles. (You just have to go to the top floor if you’re going to park for more than a few hours.)

It was quite amusing to see everybody’s faces as they disembarked the ferry and saw the Legend logo in the new site.  So much excitement! I think it’s going to be a huge success.

The menu has been tweaked to fit the new location – all the old Legend favorites, plus a bunch of seafood items.  The servers are going to have calves of steel after a few weeks there.  There’s a small barrier wall, with steps on each side,  that’s been constructed in front of the restaurant to prevent flooding from the Elizabeth River. To serve the guests in the beer garden, the servers must exit the restaurant’s front doors,  walk up two steps to the top of the wall, then descend three steps to return to street level. And they get to do it all in reverse as they go back to the kitchen. I don’t envy them. (OK, so maybe I envy their tips!)

I would love to have the owners’ magic touch for landing locations with million-dollar views! The harbor views are stunning! I wish I had some pictures from the ribbon-cutting with the mayor, but I was wrestling with an eight-foot tall balloon beer mug at the time!

The Seaboard building. Photo by Legend Brewing Depot



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