Ellwood Thompson’s now offering bike delivery of deli sandwiches, wraps, and sides

Ellwood Thompson’s now offering bike delivery of deli sandwiches, wraps, and sides

Quickness RVA will deliver café sandwiches, wraps, and sides beginning Tuesday, June 6th.

Photo: Unite Virginia

Local grocery store Ellwood Thompson’s is beginning delivery service of their café sandwiches, wraps, and sides available in-store via bike. The market is partnering with bicycle delivery service Quickness RVA to deliver 13 sandwiches and wraps, sides, and drinks.

The service includes the store’s made-to-order menu only. Grocery delivery, which is currently being tested across the street at the Carytown Kroger store, is not part of today’s announcement. No word on whether it may be offered in the future.

“This is a natural partnership, given our core focus on sustainable transportation, said Jess Izen, General Manager of Quickness RVA. “What else could Ellwood Thompson’s be delivered with, but bikes? We also respect Ellwood Thompson’s support for local farmers, as a business that prides ourself on building local community.”

We are excited to be partnering with Quickness to offer our healthy, locally made and sourced when available sandwiches, wraps, bowls and salads to the Richmond community, said Colin Beirne, Ellwood Thompson’s Marketing Director. “Not only are we pumped to be able to offer up delivery, but we are equally as pumped to partner with Quickness. It’s awesome to be able to work with a similar mission-minded, environmentally friendly, bike loving, local company.”



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