Henrico County to update zoning, subdivision ordinances for first time in sixty years

Henrico County to update zoning, subdivision ordinances for first time in sixty years

Although Henrico’s zoning and subdivision ordinances have been amended nearly 250 times since their adoption in the 1950s, they haven’t undergone an thorough revision since.

Henrico County is beginning a comprehensive update of its zoning and subdivision ordinances–the first such effort in six decades–and will introduce the project as part of the Wednesday, April 26th meeting of the Henrico County Planning Commission.

Henrico’s zoning and subdivision ordinances were adopted in 1959 and 1955, respectively. Although they have been amended nearly 250 times since their adoption, they have not undergone a thorough revision.

“Public participation will be a vital part of this effort,” said Benjamin W. Blankinship, Zoning Division Manager for the county’s Planning Department. “Our goal is to develop codes that are up to date, easier to understand, more consistent, and more predictable. We need insights and ideas from our residents and others to do that.”

The ordinance update will take about two years, Blankinship said, noting that the April 26th session will be the first of several public meetings over the course of the project.

Henrico County’s goals:

  • Makes the standards and regulations, as well as the development  process, easier to understand and navigate
  • Implements the goals and policies adopted in the Vision 2026 Comprehensive Plan
  • Guides development in diverse environments in the County that are experiencing a variety of growth patterns
  • Incorporates modern best practices

The meeting will get underway at 9:00 AM in the Board Room of the Henrico Government Center, 4301 E. Parham Road. The ordinance update project will be featured as the final item on the agenda. Project consultant Clarion Associates will give a presentation, and meeting participants will be able to ask questions and provide comments.

Residents, developers and other stakeholders interested in development in the county are encouraged to attend.

Residents can track the progress of the project, sign up for meeting notices, provide feedback and view a timeline of the project here.

How to get involved:

  • Take the survey to submit comments and suggestions for change
  • Join the e-mail list to receive notices of meetings and new work products
  • Participate and provide feedback at public forums and other events
  • Review and comment on the work products as they are posted