PHOTOS: Developer plans modern eight-townhome project in the Museum District

PHOTOS: Developer plans modern eight-townhome project in the Museum District

The development, to be known as The Meridian, will be located at N. Thompson Street and Cutshaw Avenue.

A local real estate firm is looking to bring some modern flair to a block of the Museum District. Snipes Properties announced plans Tuesday for eight new town homes at the corner of N. Thompson and Cutshaw Avenue to be part of a project called “The Meridian.”

Site work and construction, which will include the demolition of an existing office building, will begin in the next few weeks. Each unit will be approximately 1,800 square feet and will feature rooftop decks, open floors plans and off-street parking.

Homes will range in price from $450,000 to $500,000, generally comparable to prices of existing homes in The Fan and Museum District.

“Meridian will be similar to other modern infill projects but we’re bringing our product to market at a much more attractive price point,” Snipes said in a news release. The developer acquired the office building two years ago, using a portion of it for his own company’s offices. “It was a decent office building, but it’s not historic and it’s not the most attractive 1970’s-era building,” he continued.

The project will be similar in style to other modern infill projects recently developed in the area including Citizen 6, 7West, and A2. The developer anticipates The Meridian will be desirable due to its location on the borders of both Scott’s Addition and the Museum District–hence the name The Meridian.

“Scott’s Addition is hot right now and the Museum District is a classic,” Snipes said. “The Meridian will literally be right in the middle of it all. You can workout across the street [to] Crunch (Fitness) in the morning and when you get home you can walk over to (The) Veil (Brewing Co.) and enjoy a cold brew.”

The project was approved by City Council last year and permits have been submitted. Snipes will begin selling homes immediately and each will take approximately 9 months to complete from start to finish.



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