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RVA Beer Explorer: Expanding Universe, Ardent Sixer, Stone Tour, Legendary Bike

A small flight of what the Richmond beer scene has to offer. Get the full pint at a brewery near you.





Two weeks ago we mentioned Center of the Universe’s new upgraded tasting and meeting rooms. Well, that’s not the only change happening at COTU. Recently, Hanover county set aside $28,000 in grant funds to help the brewery up production by 50% with four new barrels, add a canning line, and help cover the cost of the previously mentioned remodel.

Photo: Ashley Ray

Photo: Ashley Ray

RTD has the full details.

“It really kind of eases the burden on us,” Ray said. “It’s nice to know Hanover County is committed to fostering its homegrown industry.”


Bikes are becoming more and more popular in Richmond. As their popularity grows so will Richmonder’s desire to modify and improve those same bikes. Legend posted the following bike improvement on Facebook and I’m extremely jealous.

Peejus (Pj Seay) got creative with his bike, here’s his original post:

“Since I’m not a big fan of handle bar mounted grip shifters, I came up with a solution. A piece of scrap handle bar was cut, the end scalloped to mate with the cantilever bar. Notches were cut in that so a screw clamp could be passed through to tighten this bar to the frame. The grip shifter was then installed as normal. Rubber boot removed so a seat post clamp could be fitted over. The clamp was milled out to accept a 3/8 × 16 nut and bolt. Grip shifter and mounting bar were then trimmed flush and a handlebar end insert installed to hold it in place. And of course, a well-used tap handle finishes it off.


It’s impressive on three levels at least. Level one, it’s a bike with gearshift on the crossbar which immediately sends me back to my childhood. If it doesn’t have a banana seat and apehanger handlebars I’ll be slightly disappointed. Second level, a man with the nickname Peejus made the modification. Finally it’s a freaking tap handle for a gearshift. Cheers to you Peejus and your Legendary ride.


A bit of good news spotted on Ardent Facebook, looks like they’re getting closer to sending out six packs of bottle beer into the wild. IPA and Saison will be their first releases. This is good news for those of you who don’t travel with three growlers clanking around in your trunk. Now if they would only do cans so you can take them down to the river, to drink responsibly and carry your trash out, of course.


The Stone Brewery Richmond Edition has been up and running for awhile but only superstars, heads of state, and insiders have been given the tour. Starting on Tuesday they opened the brewery to the masses. By opened I mean tours are offered on a first come, first serve basis. There is limited space on each tour and you’ll have to leave your beer in the tasting room. Don’t worry I’ll watch it for you, trust me I certainly won’t take a sip while seeing the science that goes into the brewing process. We found out about this from Stone’s Instagram which seems slightly more active than their Facebook so consider that two tips for the price of one.




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