Are you ready for some football with little plastic football guys?
June 22, 2017

Are you ready for some football with little plastic football guys?

2016 Electric Football World Championships and Convention is in town this weekend.

This weekend the Electric Football World Championships are in town. The action’s all taking place from  July 29-31 at the Four Points by Sheraton (4700 South Laburnum Avenue). You can get tickets and more information online.

One thing I truly loved about RVANews was our willingness to cover the non-mainstream. The perfect example is electronic football. There are two article in the archives and pretty much all your questions can be answered.

First off there is Electric Football: This convention’s gonna be a ball by Hayley DeRoche that looks at last year’s convention and the attraction of the sport.

McGhee feels the convention is a place for a real kaleidoscope of people. “It’s a really good hobby. If you’re an artist type, we’ve got things for artists; if you’re a collector, we’ve got things for collectors. If you like competition,” he added with a chuckle. “We’ve got a lot of competition.”

Follow that up with a wonderful in depth look at the art of the sport I’ve pulled this old story Bzzzzzz: an Electric Football art show by Nathan Cushing for you to browse.



Way before ESPN, Madden video games, and even the Super Bowl itself, millions huddled around a small-scale football field they’d pump with electricity and watch as teams of plastic men vibrated and jostled to either their charged failure or electric glory.

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