Style Weekly dines at Tarrant’s West

Style Weekly dines at Tarrant’s West

Just like the original location, there’s no shortage of menu options.

From Style Weekly:

“Why are there so many choices on the menu?” I ask the too-honest waiter. “The owner doesn’t want you to have to go anywhere else to eat,” is the reply. And it’s this simple statement that unlocks the mystery that is Tarrant’s West.

From the eclectic interior design, to the menu with more than 100 choices, it’s clear that Tarrant’s West is trying to be whatever you want it to be. Looking for a diner with chicken wings, a cheeseburger and some subs? Or fancy a bistro with surf-and-turf and grilled scallops? Or how about grabbing a beer and some pizza at a neighborhood bar? Whatever your pleasure, Tarrant’s West is your place.

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Photo: Scott Elmquist/Style Weekly



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